6 Basic Sketches

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  • Introduction to the Course

Guys, there is one thing I want to point out.

Before you make any action, get your basics correct.

The secrets of my sketches are basics. I’ve spent a remarkable amount of time to be a master at lining, perspectives, views, modifications etc.
Only practice makes perfect. So true!

However, if you keep on practicing with the wrong basics, you will never get a chance to reveal yourself in the world.

Wanna be great? Basics.
Graduates? Basics.
Designers? Basics.
Took too much time on Sketch? Basics.

 – Sangwon Seok


  • What SKEREN wants from you! 

This course comes with permanent access. But 3months (90 days) are more than sufficient time period for you to push yourself to master all the views by going over these lectures more than 3 times with Mr. Seok’s feedback on your sketches. SKEREN tested its learning efficiency with different settings on the period and no. of lectures.


If we don’t set a limit on the period, you will be fallen behind, losing chances and missing timing to spread your name. If you need to access the lectures after the course completion, we are more than willing to give you access to it as much as you want.  However, that won’t help you. The current professional designers who graduated from SKEREN never needed to revisit the lectures itself because they were too busy with practicing on their own until they master.


  • Why SKEREN?

1. Individual Feedback from Master:

Assignment submission on Tuesday & Friday to diagnose your current status and to give you feedback on your sketch (MOST VALUABLE). Students from abroad spend $4,000 per month to get the personal feedback and corrections from Mr.Seok in Seoul, South Korea.

2. Unlimited access:

You will get unlimited access to the lectures on your availability at the comfort of your home. You can watch the lectures by using Phone, Tablet, or PC. Anywhere with internet access at any time, SKEREN is already ready to teach you.

3 Certification:

You will get certification from SKEREN, only if you master all the views. Your success matters to us.


Your success is our success. That’s the reason we limit the available seats for the course to 150 for each level across the globe in order to micro-manage your learning progress and improvement. That’s another reason SKEREN is differentiated from other online schools.

Content : 6 Lectures

  • Basic features of SKEREN Online Lecture will be applied to this course as well.

Unlimited access to the Lecture/ Speed control of lecture/ Discussion Forum to share questions and information with the like-minded learners.

Normal Price             $100
20% discount           $80

Meet the EXPERT

Sangwon Seok

Mr. Seok started his design journey as a fashion designer in the year 2000. 
He, then started to work as the head designer at Pyeonghwa Motors in the year 2002.

Till date, he has served for Hyundai Group,  Duke Dynamics, Toyota, and Cadillac.
Recently, he also conducted workshops for car designers at Mahindra and Mahindra, India; Changan Automobile European Designing Center, Italy and a photoshop lecture at SPD, Italy.