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Skeren was designed to help you reach your dream. We values our thoroughness, mentorship and professionalism that has made us a front runner in the field of design. Skeren is dedicated to supporting students and helping them prosper in their future endeavors.

Skeren invests in its high quality of teaching under the guidance of our Head Designer, Sangwon Seok.

We provide you with the opportunity to study under the guidance of world-renowned professors that not only give you the knowledge to become a great designer, but also share their experiences to help you validate it through your work.

You will also benefit from the individual attention that you’ll find with us. Professors will draw on top of your sketches digitally to help you figure out your mistakes easily. 

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MP3 Player, Hair Dryer, Projector, Electric Hand Drill, Thermometer, Digital Camera, Sewing Machine, Electric Razor, Lighter.

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Transportation Design, Footwear Design, Domestic Appliances, Consumer Electronics, Personal Accessories, Sketch Skills, 2D Marker Rendering.

Featured Course

Transportation Design BUNDLE

From the Basics of Car Design to the marker renderings for presentations. Mr. Seok’s secret to his high quality of line weight and many more.



1 : 1 Feedback

Mr. Seok personally checks and review your work, by sketching digitally on top of your sketches with verbal explanation. This helps you to understand the concepts quickly.

Unlimited Access

Everyone grasp concepts at their own pace. You can watch the lectures repeatedly, untill you master the concepts at your speed.

Practical Skillset

Students apply the concepts learned during the courses with Mr. Seok in the presentations and portfolios throughout their career.


Student Forum

With the help of our social forum, you can interact with your peers and help each other learn and progress at a faster speed.


Only if you pass the standards we have set for our students after the completion of your course, you will be awarded with the course certificate.

Asynchronous learning

You are not limited by the place or time. But the submissions have to be on proper date and time.
Submission : Tuesday and Thursday



everything you need. nothing you don’t.

This course provides future design students and professionals with the knowledge and skills to design products bearing in mind the user and their surroundings, ergonomics, social value, technology and the materials needed to create a “good design”. 

The course covers the complex relationship between the man and matter, declined in shapes and innovative features, useful and functional: from accessories to appliance, from objects of luxury to everyday use such as footwear design, domestic appliances, consumer electronics, personal accessories, utensils, furniture, car design and more.

“Design is not simply art, it is elegance of function.”

As an industrial designer, you should be able to help the society by creating consumer products, ranging from game changing wearables to life changing medical devices to everything in between. You must also understand the human need, solving problems and creating innovative ideas, artifacts and systems.


Choose courses at your comfort.

We at Skeren, aims to build your knowledge by offering you the courses that develops your core skills demanded by design schools, studios and OEMs all across the globe. The curriculum will lead you through a complete design process – extensive research, sketching and 3D rendering, and more.

“Everything you travel in, were once just a dream in somebody’s head.”

As a transportation designer, you should be compatible with all the aspects of style, technique, aerodynamics, production feasibility and ergonomics. And, must have a sincere understanding of the brief and the requirements that the consumer is looking for, so as to have a user-friendly objective about the prerequisites along with the current trend and the background that you are managing.


style is sure to impress.

This course helps to prepares the upcoming design students and professionals with wide technical and cultural knowledge through learning concepts from the fashion field, based on creativity and analysis of the needs of the market. Our belief is to develop students to become creative designers, and dare them to expand their aesthetic style relevant to the global fashion industry.

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

As a fashion designer, you should have a turbulent critical attitude leading to new aesthetics and answers about the practice and industry of fashion.

Students’ Submission &

Feedbacks from Sangwon Seok


“I have been following the work of Mr Sangwon Seok for many years and have always found him incredible inspiring! These videos dive deep into all the little details that make up all those breathtaking sketches and renders! They are very insightful, inspiring and especially great if you are starting out! I cannot stress enough the importance of sketching. I am so glad to get to learn from Mr Sangwon Seok himself! My heartfelt thanks to the entire SKEREN Team for this opportunity!”

Hanit Khanchandani, India


“I have followed Sangwon Seok for years and consider him to be one of the best ID Sketchers at a world level. I always wanted him to be my teacher but I couldn’t afford going to Korea, so this online course has been an incredible opportunity for me to finally learn sketching. I tried another online courses but this is the only serious and rigorous sketching course I have found in the internet. I wanted to learn sketching but I was so lost because I didn’t know where to start from, what steps should I follow, what the techniques were and didn’t have any guidance. With this course, I am finally having the guidance I needed and I finally found my path to begin learning. I am enjoying the course so much and Mr. Seok is so great. Thanks, thanks and thanks! :)”

Nando Gonzalez, Spain


“I have always admired Mr. Sangwon Seok’s work and wanted to learn from him for years! This course has given me an amazing opportunity to learn from someone as experienced as him, which I really thankful for. The lectures are deeply informative. The delivery and level of explanation are amazing! I highly recommend these lectures to anyone who wants to learn the right sketching techniques.”

Vishesh Tripathi, India


“The Design Sketch Crash Course with Sangwon Seok was more than just what I needed in order to improve not only in my skills but also in my confidence as a upcoming designer, I have zero regrets on choosing this course. I really recommend!”

Ulises Rodriguez, Mexico


“I enjoy his sense of proportion and how he develop shapes. I didn’t expect this depth of his teaching in such a short time. As an industrial & visual design student, I admire Sangwon’s work, there are many valuable drawing tips improve your work”

Richard Yendrembam, IIITDM, India


“You will make a lot of progress when you have a chance to listen to his class You will learn a lot from him his painting enthusiasm, wisdom, fun, and care. He is one in my life who can make great impact on me. I am lucky to meet such a teacher.”

商议文, Changan University, China

What our students say...

“Learning perspective, proportions, tips and tricks for sketching and rendering from Mr.Seok made it one of the best workshop that i’ve so far attended. It helped me improve and grow in appropriate direction in the field.”

Uns Jaya Pandit, India


“I really enjoyed the session because of the inspirational/ thought-provoking tutorial accompanied by ample opportunity to learn physical sketching, rendering with deep exploration of digital rendering and discussion. I admire his way of teaching.”

Ayus Raj, India


Years of experience in teaching

students worldwide

Featured Video

LamborghinI Photoshop Demonstration at SPD, Italy.

A day for all Lamborghini enthusiast: the unmissable sketch and photoshop lecture was conducted by your master, for the students at Scuola Politecnica di Design, Milan, Italy. The students’ project for this legendary Italian brand were also unveiled under Mr. Mitja Borkert, Lamborghini Head of Design.

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