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  • Introduction to the Transportation Design

In this course, you will easily have access to 4 different perspective views of Transportation Design.

With the 15 years’ teaching history and working experiences with numerous students and designers in the world, Mr. Seok came up with the optimal formula to easily convey the essence, perspective, of transportation design for learners.


  • Mr. Seok recommends this course to those:
  1. Who have difficulty in realizing their idea into sketch.
  2. Who have difficulty in addressing right perspective with different views.
  3. Who feel something went wrong with their designs but really don’t know the reasons.
  4. Who spend too much time in sketching, hesitating next steps.
  5. Who wondering the dynamics of lines and its expressions.
  6. Who questioning how Mr.Seok expresses the details which make big differences at the end of sketch.


  • Why this course?
  1. $21 cheaper than the sum of 4 individual Basic Transportation lectures.
  2. Unlimited access to the lectures until you master the views.
  3. Easily and quickly learn and adopt the 4 perspective views with Mr.Seok’s own formula.
  4. Get personal feedback and reviews from Mr.Seok on your work after you take the lesson.
  5. Opened Q&A and Discussion Forum section.
  6. Learning together with other learners from the world by sharing concerns and questions.


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Content : 4 Lectures

  • Basic features of SKEREN Online Lecture will be applied to this course as well.

Unlimited access to the Lecture/ Speed control of lecture/ Discussion Forum to share questions and information with the like-minded learners.

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Meet the EXPERT

Sangwon Seok

Mr. Seok started his design journey as a fashion designer in the year 2000. 
He, then started to work as the head designer at Pyeonghwa Motors in the year 2002.

Till date, he has served for Hyundai Group,  Duke Dynamics, Toyota, and Cadillac.
Recently, he also conducted workshops for car designers at Mahindra and Mahindra, India; Changan Automobile European Designing Center, Italy and a photoshop lecture at SPD, Italy.